Granjacia Online!

So we decided to take Granjacia™ online.

Granjacia™ the name, as some will have worked out, comes from our Spanglish interpretation of our love for animals and organic sustainable lifestyles. Many of us here read other people’s blogs and we believe that nowadays it is great to be open and transparent, to share our experiences of the things that we have passions for.

This means that in reality it is ‘us’ as individuals that we will be online, not just an extra page for people to do easier shopping. For those that write their own blogs or have local or complimentary services do not hesitate to get in touch about anything at all. We are currently based on the edge of Coin in the Malaga province of Spain, tho we do post many items all over Europe for some of our customers. We are always happy to collaborate with people.

It is very early for our blog and no doubt there will be changes and development, what is important is that you, our readers and our customers have a satisfactory experience, be it needing advice of keeping chickens or buying cbd medicine for their pets.

We look forward to interacting with you all and hope there are many like-minded individuals that share our love of nature in general.

Saludos Todos