Pioneers in Industrial Hemp Cultivation

Our Granjacia team has been legally cultivating industrial hemp in Spain since the beginning of this century. We were one of the first networks in the world to cultivate industrial hemp to extract from the hemp flowers for public/retail use.

This was something that for years was considered a grey area in the rule book. We decided to help make this grey area black and white. (and green, of course).


We were also one of the first groups to have legally registered CBD products in retail stores, and indeed have to remove them from Spanish stores after Spain changed its stance on our CBD products a few years ago. Fortunately, we were reclassified and continued to grow.

We have always strived to have recognition and access to a natural therapy with extracts of hemp; high in CBD, but with almost no content in THC and therefore, no psychoactive effect.

Some of our team have previously been legal presidents of non-profit medical cannabis associations based right here in Spain, focused on the medical benefits of the plant.

We are essentially organic farmers, not chemists, altho we are a certified CBD manufacturing company, doing the things we believe in and stand for.

We believe in the full entourage effect of the different cannabinoids as much as we do with using a variety of fruits or vegetables or nutrients in your diet.

We do not import hemp and we do not use CBD isolates

From humble beginnings and in an industry with little public interest until recently, we now manage many hectares of land with our network of Spanish hemp farms, all producing hemp to organic standards. From seed to business, all certified, all managed and processed here in Spain.

Distribution: Many years ago it was difficult for us to ship some of the hemp products because of a general misunderstanding amongst the customs and distribution sectors. Noways we export hemp extract all over the world. You can see some of the EU countries we export CBD to and the legal requirements for CBD and THC

Climate: This area of Spain is world renown for its perfect growing climate for medicinal plants from the cannabis family and there are often subtle or major differences in the hemp grown locally and the hemp grown in other parts of Europe when it comes to the overall balance and composition of the cannabinoids it produces.

Sustainable: If we were looking at being resourceful too (and we always are) then Spain is an obvious choice to provide much of this hemp cultivation for Europe as a whole, be it in Northern Spain for its strong fibre plants or the south for its broad range of beneficial properties the sun and long summers provide.

Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Professional.

Why would you source your hemp or CBD products from anywhere else?