Grow Hemp in Spain with Granjacia Farms

If you have farm-land in Spain that could be better used, either to cultivate a higher value cash-crop or to utilise space not currently in use, then why not grow hemp?

Granjacia has several agreements with farms all over Spain. Farms of various sizes, some with more than a 100 hectares, whilst others work with just an acre or two of quality organic land who just enjoy the sustainability side of it and make a little extra pocket money growing hemp.

Of course, with us being highly certified, with GMP standards, there are procedures and rules in place, from the seeds we use to the testing of the soil, but hemp is one of the simpler crops to grow, is efficient, and does not require pesticides or weed poisons. It also cleans the land and the air so there really is a bigger picture to hemp cultivation than just the business angle.

For large commercial farms, we are able to offer full contract hemp farm management, to help you maximise your returns. Typically with a monthly contract fee and a % of the final yield.

We can assist with supplies, greenhouse construction, irrigation and hemp fertilisers

Read more about our hemp co-operative type set-up.

If you would like to discuss a potential hemp farming contract with us, contact us today