C02 Extraction – Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extracts

At Granjacia’s processing facilities we use the latest extraction equipment and techniques; currently, all our hemp extracts are CO2.

The food and health industries typically use modern high-end laboratory equipment. Cold manufacturing processes, critical and supercritical CO2 extraction are the techniques usually utilised to produce the highest quality of food products available today. We use the cold technique because it helps preserve the natural compounds found in the plant, such as CBD.

CO2 extraction is the desired standard for many food and supplement industries. We run our processing at the highest standards of safety and responsibility.

Why use CO2 extraction?

co2 extraction machineThe primary reason is to create a nice, clean, quality full-spectrum extract that is safe to produce with little post-processing.

CO2 is efficient and relatively inexpensive and from the sustainability aspect, we are removing a lot ofC02 with our farms so we really are offsetting our carbon footprint.

C02 is quite forgiving if done correctly too and can be fine-tuned to produce various differences in the finished extracts. The ability to fine-tune these extraction processes is very important, especially when dealing with products that do contain traces of the forbidden THC.

CO2 is also a sanitising agent that helps prolong the shelf life of the finished products.

CO2 is basically pushed through a special filter at high pressure where it is separated from the hemp plant matter once this pressure is released. After that one simply evaporates off the CO2.

Our years of experience testing and our knowledge of the extraction means we create high-quality full-spectrum CBD products proven to help many people.

What is full-spectrum? See our Hemp Extract Terminology page.

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